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Very professional job by the Bakers team!! More than willing to do whatever was necessary to complete the job to our satisfaction. Would hThey are the best! Professional and simply the best. I am repeat customer and I will keep returning.

We had a leak on our bathroom few months ago. Restoration company scratched our travertine so they hired some “professional” company to remove scratches and polish it. When they arrived, they kept criticizing how our travertine look and how it’s not shiny enough. I told them that Baker’s Travertine did our floors and I am pretty happy with the look. They just ignored me.

Well, after they finished our bathroom floor had a “orange peel” look and I did not like it. They said that’s the best they can do so…… I let them go. I called Bakers Travertine and they got it right! Our travertine looks like a mirror and I feel as if I was walking on glass! They are simply the best. Tom and Amy know their stuff and when I called Tom about cleaning procedures he gave me his fantastic cleaning product he developed, pads, mop, booklet, all for free! If you want the best for your floors, you hire Baker’s Travertine. Nuff said :)ighly recommend your services to other customers. Thanks again.


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