Marble cleaning, polishing and sealing requires specialized abrasive knowledge to do properly. Polishing marble is the best way to protect and accentuate its beauty. Baker’s has been improving and adding to the standard long established marble polishing practices. We have worked some of the most exclusive marble projects in the Phoenix, Paradise Valley and Scottsdale areas. Our proven reputation and experience will assure that you can trust your marble project will be done at the highest quality with the customer service you deserve.

We are the marble cleaning, polishing and sealing specialists in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area.

Marble had several different uses in ancient times. It was used for almost every building. Now it is most commonly used for flooring, counters, and tables. It can also be used for showers and wall tile. Marble is usually sold polished but unsealed.

Marble is also sold tumbled. Tumbled Marble is put into a vibration machine that beats up the surface to a dull appearance that is generally uniform in color but more porous. Installation can be tough on Marble, so it is very common that a new Marble floor will need to be re-polished and re-sealed. Only non-sanded grout should be used to avoid scratching. Marbles to avoid: green and black varieties. They show scratches and etching more than lighter shades and can be very difficult to restore.

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Marble finished to a high gloss.

The white stone in the medallion is tumbled Marble. It has a much grainier texture and look, but can still be polished

Marble has been chosen as a floor covering for thousands of years, not only because it is durable but mainly because of its ability to be a work of art. We have all the standard abrasives such as diamond pads and powders for cleaning, sealing and polishing marble. Our never ending effort to advance the abrasive processes for travertine has given us an advantage over our competitors because we can use these techniques for the beautification of marble as well.

The cleaning, finishing, and sealing methods for Marble are similar to what we do for Travertine and Limestone.

An Important Note on Marble:

Marble is a denser stone than Travertine which means fewer air pockets and less fill overall. It comes in a very wide variety of colors and usually looks its best at a medium high shine or high gloss polish. The low amount of filler provides for a clear and consistent shine throughout the Marble floor.

Before: White Marble looks dull and chalky.

After: White Marble with a high gloss polish makes for a very elegant master bath entrance.

Before: This dull Marble suffered a very poor installation with uneven edges throughout. We used our custom grinding process to level the edges as best as possible and then re-polish.

After: The result is a dramatic improvement in color, clarity, shine and softer, more even edges. grinding is a harsh process and not always the best option, stones and situations vary greatly.