Our equipment is powerful and will provide awesome cleaning for ceramic and porcelain tile, and grout cleaning. We also offer grout color sealing which we’ve proven is the only true and reliable way to seal grout.

Porcelain and Ceramic tile are very similar. Both are man made, Porcelain is considered to be a little higher quality. Tile consists of clay and a glaze coating. Clay is the body of the tile and the glaze is a coating that’s put on before a firing process.

Both ceramic and porcelain tiles are non-porous and do not need to be sealed. Why? Because during the firing process, the clay cures, the glaze hardens, and becomes non-porous, and etch- and scratch-resistant. This makes this type of tile incredibly popular throughout homes in the Valley.

Ceramic and porcelain tile is typically set with at least ¼ – ½ inch grout lines, which exposes more grout than other types of tile. Whereas the tile is non-porous, the grout is very porous and subject to staining. For this reason, it’s important to regularly clean and seal your tile with a professional company like Travertine Power Clean.

The experts at Travertine Power Clean know that the best and only recommended way to seal grout is to color seal grout with a concrete stain that is the same color as the original grout. This serves as a coating for the grout, which not only seals it off, but also makes the grout look brand new and easier to clean. Clear penetrating sealers are not recommended.


The Power Clean Method for ceramic and porcelain tile is straightforward. We use our custom abrasiveA substance used to sand, scour, scrub, smooth or polish by removal of the original material. The amount of material removed is determined by the size of the abrasive particles used (ie: grit) Sandpaper, scouring powders & steel wool are examples of abrasives.system to clean the surface of the tile and the grout lines. Since ceramic and porcelain tiles are non-porous, they do not require sealing. However, we recommend grout re-coloring. Our powerful truck mounted clean up machine is very effective at cleaning grout. Due to its absorbent nature, some grout staining can be permanent.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles cannot be buffed to change the appearance as natural stone can.


Clear penetrating sealers do very little to protect and close up the pores of grout. It can never hurt to apply it, but there is a better way. We use a siliconized acrylic concrete stain, color matched to your original grout shade to not only seal the grout, but also makes it look brand new. This sealant is applied after a thorough cleaning with our system and only takes a few hours to dry. This will make regular maintenance easier and keep the grout looking clean and new. This service can be applied to grout between natural stone as well.

Before: Dirty, dark grout with permanent staining on a 15 year old floor.

After: Grout re-coloring makes the grout look brand new and seals it against further staining.

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