Using abrasives to make the stone surface so smooth that it reflects light that results in a clear shine.

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  • Travis Shadwick says:

    Hi I’m Travis, a foreman at Baker’s Travertine Power Clean. The most common statement made by customers after they see our naturally polished product is, ” Is it wet ”? It always puts a smile on my face to tell them “No, it’s dry. Come walk on it and check it out”. The most simple way I can ever put it is, we’re basically doing what a rock tumbler does (if you’ve ever played with one as a child). However it can take a rock tumbler weeks to polish a pebble. Using the processes I’ve learned as well as experimented with in my ten years of working with Tom, Miles and Ray, it’s not uncommon for a crew to complete 1000+ square feet in a single day. When we leave it’s all yours again.

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