Used inside and outside, cantera needs proper cleaning and sealing to perform well. We have the right equipment and expert knowledge to use the right methods and cantera sealers. One type of sealer does not “fit all” canterra applications. We know the right sealer applications depending on condition and environment. Trust our seasoned craftsmen with your cantera surfaces.

Cantera is extremely porous and subject to staining. Cantera is soft and it is commonly carved into fireplaces, columns, statues as well as a floor tile.

Cantera, as a floor tile, is usually a very rough cut, rustic tile. It’s not typically recommended for floors unless the specifics of Cantera are considered before installation. One consideration that should be made is the grout color and grout installation. Because of the porousness of the Cantera tile, the grout can easily stain the stone or solidify on the stone, which requires extensive cleaning after the grout has dried. Cleaning and sealing your Cantera tile is extremely important and when done incorrectly, it can cause significant and lasting damage to the Cantera tile.


The Power Clean method for cleaning Cantera will vary depending on the manufacturing quality, color, and factory blemishes. We also take into consideration the cleanliness of the installation as this can impact the method.

Cantera tile is very absorbent and will absorb the grout color and can cause deep staining. Taking proper care during the grout installation and cleaning process is key to clean edges. We use several custom abrasive steps to clean depending on the situation. Our powerful truck mounted vacuum system sucks back all the slurry created during the cleaning step to ensure the best care for your Cantera tile.

Before: Cantera is dusty and chalky with little definition. After: Clean Cantera shows the colors and variations.

Before: Cantera is dusty and chalky with little definition.

After: Clean cantera shows the colors and variations.


We use and recommend top grade penetrating sealers for Cantera tile. The penetrating sealer will help keep moisture from soaking in, which is important for this absorbent tile. Using an enhancing penetrating sealer will improve the existing tones of the tile and protect it for the years to come. Sealing Cantera is important for the longevity and lasting quality of the tile.

We do not recommend topcoat or surface sealers for Cantera as it can be problematic and impair your tile in the common years.

The red Cantera striping had enhancing penetrating sealer applied to create contrast to the lighter Cantera.

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