We are a different and better travertine cleaning company in that we have developed Proven superior cleaning, polishing and sealing products & methods far superior to our competitors. We are the top volume travertine and natural stone finisher in the state of Arizona proven with our hard earned reviews and top customer satisfaction. Our expertise in travertine cleaning, sealing, polishing & “honing” will provide the best results for all your travertine surfaces.

Our proven custom Abrasive Process beats the standard travertine honing process provided by other stone-floor-care services: The Power Clean System has been specifically designed for Travertine. We don’t rely on just the standard materials and methods that our competitors use. We’ve tested standard abrasives, powders, and tools that are readily available for Marble. We found that just because it says on the label it works for Marble doesn’t mean it will produce a good result for travertine. Our focus has always been to develop the safest system for travertine specific characteristics.
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Travertine Owners Like You Have Made Us #1 in Arizona by Choosing Baker’s More Often Than any of Our Competitors.

Travertine Density — Proper Finishing Reduces Porosity

Travertine is very similar to a sponge in that it is like a stack of bubbles. The density of the stone depends on how much stone versus the number of air pockets. Our custom abrasive process is able to smooth the surface of the stone which reduces surface area.

Our system is able to finish the stone without opening up air pockets underneath the surface. If you look at the surface of the travertine tile under a microscope it would look like a crystalline forest. All of these little trees are like straws that can provide millions of tiny pathways into the stone. We are actually sealing off the stone during the finishing process by reducing the surface area.

Less surface area means fewer pores. Our custom abrasive process starts this sealing process by closing off the pathways liquids have to get into the stone. As finishing progresses, the stone becomes more reflective. As a stone becomes more reflective it is being closed off by the reduction of surface area.


Using custom abrasives, we wet sand the stone to loosen up surface dirt and remove loose grime and dirt accumulated in the grout lines, open pits, and fill areas. This creates a slurry that is vacuumed back up with a powerful truck mounted machine.

The use of hot water extraction at 1200psi or more provides the most effective cleaning method for your stone. Mops, buckets, and shop vacs cannot come close to the cleaning power of a truck mounted machine.

Effective and thorough cleaning is crucial for a smooth looking uniform finish and proper sealing.

Check out our videos & photos below to see our travertine cleaning and polishing process at work.

Foamy slurry created during abrasive processes. The slurry is removed with a high-powered truck mounted vacuum system. By far, the most effective clean up method. Shopvacs and mops/buckets cannot compare!

Our cleaning tool pulling out dirt and grime collected in the pits of the Travertine and the grout lines revealing a much cleaner and brighter floor.

Our cleaning tools are another example of how our millions of square feet of experience over many years have become a custom-manufactured advantage for our travertine cleaning and sealing process.

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Satin Finish for Travertine

The Satin Finish is the lowest shine recommended. We really don’t recommend duller finishes, since less shine equals more porosity. Satin Finish is practical and what a travertine floor needs so it can be maintained properly. With the custom abrasive processes, the goal is the reduction of porosity. We do this with one of several different gentle but extremely effective microfine sanding processes.

Standard honing processes such as diamond pads, sanding screens and powders will actually open up the stone, making cleaning tougher and reducing the ability of the penetrating sealer to keep water from eroding the stone over the course of time.

Before and After of Satin Finish on Travertine

Before and After of Satin Finish on Travertine in high-traffic area

Light Polish Finish for Travertine

Our newest option, Light Polish Finish, is a happy compromise between the Satin Finish and High Polish.

For those who want a bit more “pop” than our Satin Finish but not the formality of our High Polish. We will introduce chemical abrasives along with the physical abrasives to achieve our Light Polish Finish. Chemical abrasive processes break a small amount of the surface up into solution and then re-crystallizes it. Chemical processes remove air bubbles and acidic salts while increasing density. Fewer pores mean more shine and easier cleaning. The smoother the surface it is the easier it is to clean.

This sounds like crystallization, but it is not. For more information on the difference between crystallization and natural polishing click here.

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We specially formulate our sealers depending on the stone we’re working on. The polymers that actually penetrate the stone are dissolved in the solvent. When applied to the stone, the solution soaks in and fills up pores and binds to the molecules of the stone to make them less susceptible to etching. Travertine is mostly calcite which at one point has been dissolved by water and redeposited through evaporation.

The stone also will often contain acidic salts that were in the water that deposited the travertine. The most important job of a penetrating sealer is to keep water and acidic spills from eating up the stone. If too much water is used and then left on the surface of the stone during cleaning the sealer will slow it down but it will still have a very corrosive effect over time.

It is important to know that while penetrating sealers (whether ours or another brand) are helpful, they are not etch-proof or water-proof. They lessen the severity of etches and slow water absorption, but do not eliminate it.


Many homeowners assume that if their travertine, marble or limestone looks dull and dingy, it needs to be sealed and then it will be pretty again. The fact is that penetrating sealers are invisible, as they soak into the stone and have no visual effect on the stone.

It is all the custom abrasives steps used in the Cleaning and Finishing steps that come before sealing that has all the visual impact. By expertly refining the actual surface of your travertine, marble or limestone, it brings out the true beauty in a clean finish.

While sealing is an important part of our service it is not the most important part. In fact, penetrating sealers are not needed with our Polish finishes as  our polish process has so refined the surface penetrating sealer can’t even soak in! This proves that proper finishing is more effective than just sealing. With our Satin finish, the surface is less shiny therefore less refined so we will follow up with our high grade penetrating sealer for added protection.

Etching will still happen from acidic spills on travertine or marble. A polished surface will lessen the severity and depth of an etch. Use of penetrating sealers will also slow acidic spill absorption, but cannot prevent it.

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Our focus has always been to provide the best service, using the best tools, at a fair price, and always with honor and honesty.

Baker’s Travertine Power Clean has proudly been in business since 1988. Starting out in carpet cleaning, we evolved into tile cleaning/repair and then transitioned into Travertine and natural stone finishing. Not satisfied with the standard and available products and tools to finish marble and almost nothing available specifically for Travertine, we researched and developed our own unique abrasive system. Our system and powerful quality equipment provides great results in sometimes less than half the time than our top competitors.

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We were stunned at how beautiful our tile looked after Baker's finished!!! Unbelievable!! And the team that came to our house was, hands down, the best! We will use them exclusively for this service. They also cleaned our tile in the shower, the bathroom vanities (his and hers) and the jacuzzi tub deck! They are fantastic! There are not adequate words to describe what a great service they performed!! Thank you Baker's!!!!

SHARON C.Travertine Semi-Gloss - Scottsdale, AZ

I was very concerned to have a large flagstone patio refinished but could not be happier with the job, My flagstone was 20 years old in bad condition and now looks like new. Work crew was very courteous and gladly answered any of my questions or concerns. There were numerous pots and plants on the patio which they moved off without any damage. Better still, they put them all back where they were before. I would definitely recommend this company without hesitation and will use them again.

DIXI R.Flagstone Cleaning & Refinishing - Scottsdale, AZ
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Baker's Slate Power Clean sealed my slate floors when they were new and have maintained them for several years. The slate floors are in extreme traffic areas but have preformed excellent because of the original sealing process from the beginning.I am so happy that I found such a specialized company that was able to handle this ongoing project.

The Venue of ScottsdaleSlate Cleaning & Sealing - Scottsdale, AZ