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Tom and Amy:

Our floors look amazing!  We expected them to look nice but had not idea that the grout would look so clean.  So, thank you.

BUT, the main reason I wanted to write was to applaud your staff.  In all the years we have worked with contractors in our home, we have never come across a more diligent, friendly and detail-oriented group of people.  They obviously cared about their work and the finished product.  As soon as they entered they were assessing our floors to see what needed to be done and I heard Ray walking around one time saying “detail details” as he looked over everything to see what he missed.

Then the guy who followed up with the broom picking up every bit of dust or debris blew me away too.  Ray was an excellent foreman and I totally believe when he said that they were there to make us happy.  The younger kid was leaving a few hours early and got out of his car to say goodbye and thank us for letting them work on our floors.  What?!?!

To top it off, they moved my furniture back so my husband didn’t have to come home form work to do it.  And they did everything cheerfully and to perfection.

Anyway, as you can tell we are ecstatic and would recommend your company a hundred times over because of the finished product and your service.

Thank you again,


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