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40th Street & Greenway
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Our house was built in the early 80s. We bought it five years ago. Every square inch of the house has travertine floors and they were just depressing to look at. I could never get them to look clean. They were also so cracked and damaged that they just looked awful. Our stone showers also needed quite a bit of work.

Amy explained the process thoroughly during the site visit for the quote. She was very clear and up front about what had caused our floors looked so bad, the amount of work that would be needed, what they could and could not repair, and how we could take care of the stone to keep it looking nice for a long time to come.

The work team was friendly, professional, knowledgeable and thorough. There were many bad spots on our floors where they pretty much worked miracles to make it look nice. Our floors were previously dull, dingy, and looked dirty no matter what we did to clean them. Now they are polished and shiny, and they look clean. Ugly cracks, chips and other damage are filled in, color matched and are barely noticeable. In the showers, the crew cleaned and sealed the stone, fixed places where the grout had cracked away, and filled holes in the stone that were previously very difficult to clean.

Amy, and later the work crew gave us a lot of information about how to better care for the stone floors and showers, and also left us with the proper cleaning supplies to do that. The education they provided added a lot of value to the work they did.


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