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My travertine was installed 16.5 years ago by my home’s builder.  It was dirty, had pits and holes, and showed lots of wear and tear from our several big dogs and our ignoance of proper floor care.  I obtained three bids.  Amy Baker’s bid was pretty much in the middle of other bids.  However, she spent more time educating me about my tile and floor care, and her bid was easier to understand.

Amy and Tom promptly answered my emailed follow up questions.  I had hoped that my floors would look as good as the two rarely used bedrooms. However, my floors looked much better than when they were originally installed.  The satin polish brought an elegance and beauty that was totally unexpected. I had no idea that my floors could look so spectacular.  I also had the grout lines color sealed and a  bathroom shower and countertops cleaned, polished, pits filled, and surface sealed. 

The guys who worked on my floors were very nice and personable.  I felt so much as ease with them that I left them alone to do their work while I ran errands, etc.  They cleaned up at the end of every day, and were careful about not damaging my newly painted interior.  Where they did nick some paint, they touched it up before they left. 

The crew seemed to take a lot of pride in their work.  Miles also kept me well-informed of the schedule and progress of the work.  I also bought Baker’s floor care kit, as Amy and Miles had taught me how to properly care for my floors.   The experience with Baker’s was terrific.  I will definitely hire them again.


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