Custom Abrasive Process 

By December 20, 2017

We use several different abrasive processes developed specifically for cleaning all types of natural stone. Custom abrasive processes are used for finishing Travertine, Marble and Limestone, as well as all the standard methods available in the world for finishing stone.

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  • Miles (foreman) says:

    Most stone floor finishing companies out there use the same abrasives for every application. The problem with this method is that every floor is different. It being a natural stone makes not only every floor different but every tile is different. What often happens is a company with these “set” abrasives will abrade a floor with way too aggressive abrasives leaving it textured and un uniform. Every natural stone floor is different, so why use the same technique for every floor?Myself along with my foremen have the experience to utilize the perfect amount of abrasives which will remove the wear and tear without over doing it.

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