In 1998, We developed a passion for Travertine. Finding that honing was a misused term and the processes at that time to do so were damaging. We started developing safer and more effective cleaning, finishing, polishing and sealing systems for Travertine, Marble, and Limestone. Now with millions of square feet of experience and the most competitive company in Arizona, our continuing passion is to change the natural stone polishing & sealing industry. Information to consumers to help them understand and protect their stone and launch the most complete and unique polishing & sealing system to be sold around the world.

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Our focus has always been to provide the best service, using the best tools, at a fair price, and always with honor and honesty.

Baker’s Travertine Power Clean has proudly been in business since 1988. Starting out in carpet cleaning, we evolved into tile cleaning/repair and then transitioned into Travertine and natural stone finishing. Not satisfied with the standard and available products and tools to finish marble and almost nothing available specifically for Travertine, we researched and developed our own unique abrasive system. Our system and powerful quality equipment provides great results in sometimes less than half the time than our top competitors.

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Pioneered & Proven Results With Our Power Clean System.
We clean, polish, seal & restore every type of floor & stone.

Concrete Pavers

Concrete Pavers are durable and add beauty & character to outdoor decking, driveways and pathways. Concrete Pavers are subject to fade in the Arizona sun and require maintenance to protect their color and maintain a fresh and clean appearance. We have developed Paver Protector Pro Sealer specifically to do just that.

Best Patio cleaning in Arizona

Decking, Patios & Pavers

When your travertine is new and healthy is the optimal time to protect your investment for years of use, although it’s never too late! Arizonians love their outdoor living. Let us take the guesswork out of properly caring for your travertine patio — so you can sit back and live it up in your outdoor oasis.

Best Flagstone Patio cleaning in Arizona
Flagstone Patio Cleaning Scottsdale Arizona


The irregular flagstones fit together and make for a beautiful and unique pathway, patio, pool deck, interior flooring, and more! Each use requires special and delicate care for long lasting tile.

Best travertine floor cleaning in Arizona


Finding your best travertine cleaning options can be confusing and many times you will run into websites or companies who claim they can clean your travertine floors but are not actually licensed or certified. Baker’s is licensed and certified with hundreds of positive reviews on our travertine work across Arizona.

Best marble floor cleaning in Arizona


Marble is a natural stone that can be used on many surfaces; from floors to tables to countertops. Marble brings a timeless and elegant to any room and because of the uniqueness, hiring a professional to care for your marble is crucial to protecting it for the long term.

Best limestone floor cleaning in Arizona


Limestone is a beautiful type of natural stone that can be used indoors and outdoors. It’s often seen throughout the world’s most famous structures, it is also used for residential homes, both indoors and out. Caring for your limestone tile should be left to the professionals to ensure a long life of your natural stone.

Cantera Indoor Tile

Cantera Tile

Commonly known as hand-carved stone, Cantera is a natural stone that is often used on interior floors, fireplaces, columns, fountains, and more. Because of the nature of this natural stone, it’s important to properly care for your Cantera tile. Rely on the experts at Travertine Power Clean for the ultimate natural stone care.

Best Saltillo Tile cleaning in Arizona

Saltillo Tile

This terra-cotta tile is beautiful and brings a unique look to your interior and exterior patio area. This title originated from Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico and is one of the two famous product that comes from this area. Saltillo tile varies in color and shape, and requires quality care from a team of professionals.

Best ceramic and porcelain floor cleaning in Arizona

Ceramic & Porcelain

While there are many types of tile throughout the Valley, ceramic & porcelain are the most common types of tile found in homes. Cleaning these types of tile may seem straight forward, but hiring a professional to care for your tile is always recommended.

Best slate floor cleaning in Arizona


Slate tile needs to be regularly cleaned and sealed, but with proper care, it will last forever! Take care of your slate tile with our team of experts and you’ll enjoy it for life.


When It Comes To Natural Stone Care, We Are The Best in Arizona.
Industry Leaders In Travertine Floor Cleaning

In Business Since 1988 With
Millions of Square Feet of Happy Customers


Bakers have always and will always make sure you’re 100% satisfied in their work. Guaranteed.


Mentioned by Name in Over 400 Positive Reviews, Our Employees are the Best Equipped & Experienced in the World.

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Quality Care & The Best Customer Service Are Our Top Priorities. See For Yourself.

We were stunned at how beautiful our tile looked after Baker's finished!!! Unbelievable!! And the team that came to our house was, hands down, the best! We will use them exclusively for this service. They also cleaned our tile in the shower, the bathroom vanities (his and hers) and the jacuzzi tub deck! They are fantastic! There are not adequate words to describe what a great service they performed!! Thank you Baker's!!!!

SHARON C.Travertine Semi-Gloss - Scottsdale, AZ

I was very concerned to have a large flagstone patio refinished but could not be happier with the job, My flagstone was 20 years old in bad condition and now looks like new. Work crew was very courteous and gladly answered any of my questions or concerns. There were numerous pots and plants on the patio which they moved off without any damage. Better still, they put them all back where they were before. I would definitely recommend this company without hesitation and will use them again.

DIXI R.Flagstone Cleaning & Refinishing - Scottsdale, AZ
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Baker's Slate Power Clean sealed my slate floors when they were new and have maintained them for several years. The slate floors are in extreme traffic areas but have preformed excellent because of the original sealing process from the beginning.I am so happy that I found such a specialized company that was able to handle this ongoing project.

The Venue of ScottsdaleSlate Cleaning & Sealing - Scottsdale, AZ

We specialize in cleaning, polishing, sealing, repair and restoration of travertine, marble, flagstone (indoor and outdoor), patios slate and all types of natural stone. We have travertine in our company name, but that doesn’t mean we are not experts with other stone surfaces like marble, flagstone, patios and slate restoration.

We have invented custom sealers and blend them ourselves. No other sealers compare to how our sealers perform for travertine, marble, flagstone, slate, limestone, Cantera, and Saltillo tile. Polishing travertine marble and limestone is the best way to seal these types of natural stone surfaces.

We primarily work in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, and Phoenix. We do travel to Sedona, Prescott, Flagstaff, Tucson and other Arizona cities. We also often travel out of state for large projects in Telluride Colorado and Mammoth California.