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"I was ready to replace my floor and thought it was beyond help, but it is beautiful now. Thanks to all the guys for all their the hard work. I'm happy I had it done."
Cathy -Superstition Springs

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This is our fourth consecutive award from Angie's List.

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Click to verify BBB accreditation and to see a BBB report.

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Tom & Amy Baker and Travertine Power Clean

tom and amy bakerTom is a Mesa, Arizona native who founded this business back in 1988 with little more than hope and a great outlook. It evolved from a carpet cleaning service to the specialized service of Travertine and natural stone care. We clean, polish and restore travertine, marble, slate, limestone, flagstone, saltillo, cantera and other fine stone surfaces.

Our focus has always been to provide the best service, using the best tools, at a fair price, and always with honor and honesty.

Amy is a Michigan native and ASU grad. After many years in the local television business, she joined Tom in 2003 to help grow and organize the family business. They are blessed with one awesome son, Griffin. Tom & Amy run all the in-home estimates usually as a team and hope to meet you soon!

Most jobs we do are effectively staffed with a 3 person crew. We feel adding a fourth to anything more than a small job increases our attention to detail and provides the best results possible for the customer.

We have been fortunate to have a team of dedicated and skilled craftsmen who have been with us for years.



Watch the stone and grout transformations in the video below

gloss polish travertine floor in TempeSee what our customers say about our service

"…Prior to Tom's bid I had 2 other local companies come in and clean a portion of the floor. Neither were successful and both admitted it could certainly be cleaner, but the results I saw were the best it was going to get. Tom's bid was about in the middle but the effort he and his team put into this floor was nothing short of exceptional." Scott -Desert Ridge neighborhood

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My local business is celebrating its 27th year in 2016. I built my company with an honest competitive spirit. I started in carpet cleaning with an electric carpet cleaning machine. It was called the "Super Duper Deluxe." You would think that would have enough power to clean carpets with a name like that, not so. So I installed the most powerful electric motor available that can be run off one standard plug without throwing the breaker. I had to run cords to two different parts of the house to avoid throwing a breaker. At that time gasoline powered machines were $7,000-$15,000. The $7,000 machine didn’t have as much power as my electric machine and part of the reason I couldn’t afford $15,000 was my business was based on the best quality work and not up selling extra (sometimes unnecessary) services and cleaning products.

I found an old gasoline machine that was one of the first prototypes for the carpet cleaning machines powered by a car motor. It was under a dusty old tarp. When I looked under the tarp seeing that it was powered by a car motor, I realized this was the power I needed to do the best carpet job.

I told the man I wanted it and he said no it’s too old and has problems. I said "Perfect it’s got to be a good deal then, right?" He practically gave me the machine and I rebuilt it personally. It served well with the power I needed for over 10 years. My Power Clean carpet cleaning system was very simple but the right way to do the job. Aggressive chemicals to clean, heated water to rinse and a powerful machine to extract as much water as possible.

Now the best machines are $25,000. I have two of them.

About 17 years ago I started repairing, cleaning, and sealing Ceramic tile and grout. This new service quickly took over as our main service. As Travertine became more popular I started attending stone restoration certification classes. Most of these were powder systems. Powdered abrasives have specific abilities but are not able to completely give the finisher what’s needed to do the job properly, especially with Travertine.

So as I researched other systems I found that there was a very poor selection of products for the stone finishing industry. I was very honest with my first Travertine customers I explained that my knowledge and the ability of the abrasive processes were limited and so I was limited as well. So I started researching abrasives from around the world for all different industries, not just the ones for the Stone finishing industry. I installed Travertine in my barn and started experimenting with different abrasive processes that had nothing to do with Stone finishing as well as everything available for Marble and stone. No expense was spared!

This actually worked very well. We discovered several different custom abrasive processes and over the years this open attitude has never ceased. After more than 1,000,000 ft.² of work done for happy customers, I feel we have the most complete Travertine finishing system in the world.

That’s my story. We hope to make you a happy customer too.

Tom Baker – Owner
Bonded / Insured / Contractor License AZROC 237989 / BBB Member

Baker's Polishing Kit and Cleaning Solution

We now offer our cleaning and polishing products for home use on small etched/dull areas on floors and counters. The abrasive powder and paste in our polishing kit is our own formula for removing etches in porous stone including marble, travertine and limestone.

Click here to see more information.

See the latest photos and videos of our work with travertine, marble, slate and other natural stone tile.


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